CAFÉ MIMI Exfoliating Foot Mask With Cotton Extract “Intensive Renewal”
Art.: 7CM42-2204

CAFÉ MIMI Exfoliating Foot Mask With Cotton Extract “Intensive Renewal”

Ideal preparation for the pedicure in 2 steps: Step I: Exfoliating foot mask with cotton extract “Intensive renewal” Active mask based on lactic acid carefully and safely softens the skin. The cotton extract removes irritation, leaving a feeling of comfort and hydration. Shea butter intensively restores even a very dry skin, softens and prevents the appearance of corns. Avocado oil moisturizes, promotes healing. Melissa and pineapple extracts will give freshness, provide antiseptic effect. Step II: Foot cream-activator “Deep nutrition and restoration” based on cocoa butter and almond oil removes dryness of the skin, leaves a feeling of softness and tenderness. Green tea extract gives lightness and freshness, relieves fatigue. Bergamot and tea tree oils have a powerful bactericidal effect.
How to use: Apply the mask to the clean feet skin evenly. Put on the cosmetic socks (attached). After 15 minutes wash the feet with warm water and dry with a towel. For better results, apply the required amount of cream-activator and gently massage until completely absorbed.

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