CAFÉ MIMI Refreshing Foot Mask “Deodorizing Effect”
Art.: 7CM42-2587

CAFÉ MIMI Refreshing Foot Mask “Deodorizing Effect”

Ideal preparation for the pedicure in 2 steps: Step I: Refreshing foot mask “Deodorizing effect” with peppermint oil Enriched foot mask pleasantly cools, softens, deeply nourishes and regenerates the skin. Peppermint and bergamot essential oils quickly remove fatigue and heaviness in the feet, providing a tonic effect. Grape seed oil perfectly moisturizes, promotes healing of the skin, has a softening and restoring effect. Eucalyptus oil in combination with green tea extract actively deodorizes the skin, provides bactericidal effect, leaving a pleasant feeling of coolness. Step II: Foot cream-activator “Deep nutrition and restoration” based on cocoa butter and almond oil removes dryness of the skin, leaves a feeling of softness and tenderness. Green tea extract gives lightness and freshness, relieves fatigue. Bergamot and tea tree oils will protect the skin, providing bactericidal effect.
How to use: Apply the mask to the clean feet skin evenly. Put on the cosmetic socks (attached). After 15 minutes wash the feet with warm water and dry with a towel. For better results, apply the required amount of cream-activator and gently massage until completely absorbed.

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