Le Cafe de Beaute
LE CAFÉ DE BEAUTE Cream Souffle Body Moisturizing
Art.: 7CB45-0576

LE CAFÉ DE BEAUTE Cream Souffle Body Moisturizing

Cream Souffle has a delicate texture, it is easy to apply and quickly absorbed. Cream Soufflé will turn the skin care into a pleasant journey to the world of fruit flavors. 97,8 % of natural ingredients for the beauty of your skin. Lime juice tones the skin, improves microcirculation in the cells, increases its elasticity giving it a fresh look. Lime nourishes the skin with vitamins and nutrients, gives vivacity and excellent mood! Pomelo extract enhances toning effect, deeply moisturizes and normalizes hydro-lipid balance giving the skin a healthy glowing look. Orange oil is an excellent bio-stimulating agent that promotes deep nourishment and restoration.
How to use: massage movements put a small amount souffle cream on the skin until completely absorbed.

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