Le Cafe de Beaute
LE CAFÉ DE BEAUTE Cream Souffle Body Vitaminized
Art.: 7CB45-0569

LE CAFÉ DE BEAUTE Cream Souffle Body Vitaminized

Cream Souffle has a delicate texture, it is easy to apply and quickly absorbed. Cream Soufflé will turn the skin care into a pleasant journey to the world of fruit flavors. 97,8 % of natural ingredients for the beauty of your skin. Pear juice in combination with Carambola extract is a real vitamin cocktail for the skin which increases its elasticity, actively moisturizes, has deep cleansing and recovery effects. The skin becomes smooth and tender. Vetiver root oil rejuvenates the skin, significantly improves its elasticity making it more supple. It deeply moisturizes and promotes intercellular exchange, promotes active recovery of dry skin.
How to use: massage movements put a small amount souffle cream on the skin until completely absorbed.

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