Le Cafe de Beaute
LE CAFÉ DE BEAUTE Foaming Shower Scrub Vitaminized
Art.: 7CB25-0538

LE CAFÉ DE BEAUTE Foaming Shower Scrub Vitaminized

Foaming Scrub made of apricot seed gently cleanses, improves regeneration and cells renewal processes, rejuvenates your skin leaving it soft and smooth. The nutritional formula gives tenderness and skin vibrancy. The light scent of cherry boosts your spirits and recalls on the sunny summer days. 97,4 % ingredients of natural origin Pear juice in combination with Carambola extract becomes a real vitamin cocktail for the skin, which increases skin elasticity, actively moisturizes the skin and has a deep cleansing and restorative effect. The skin becomes smooth and gentle. Vetiver root Oil rejuvenates the skin, significantly improves elasticity making it more firm, deeply moisturizes and activates intercellular exchange. Promotes active restoration of dry skin.
How to use: apply foaming scrub to damp skin, massage and rinse with water.

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