CAFÉ MIMI Curly Hair Mask "Obedient Curls"
Art.: 7CM14-2648

CAFÉ MIMI Curly Hair Mask "Obedient Curls"

Highly effective complex hair care in 2 steps: Step I: Curly hair Mask "Obedient curls" with apricot seed oil The gentle mask takes care of curly hair, makes perfect curls and ringlets. Apricot seed oil enhances the natural shine of the hair, making it smooth and well-groomed. Jojoba oil eliminates brittleness and restores hair structure, protects against mechanical damage and activates growth. Sesame oil provides hair nutrients complex, promotes hair regeneration over the entire length, has a conditioning effect, making your hair more manageable. Step II: Scalp serum “Nutrition and strengthening” with green coffee oil activates hair growth, tones the scalp. Inca Inchi and Argan oils nourish the scalp with vitamins, provide the necessary nutrition, increase hair elasticity. Patchouli oil regulates the oiliness of hair, reduces hair loss. Baikal skullcap and hibiscus extracts improve the scalp health, ensuring active nourishment of hair follicles.
How to use: Apply the mask to the clean damp hair and evenly spread along the whole length. Put on the cosmetic cap (attached). Rinse with warm water after 15 min. Apply the serum to the scalp by massage movements. Don’t wash it off. No hair weighting.

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