CAFÉ MIMI Porcelain Hand Mask “Skin Youth And Tenderness”
Art.: 7CM41-2556

CAFÉ MIMI Porcelain Hand Mask “Skin Youth And Tenderness”

Perfect hand skin for 15 minutes! Step I: Porcelain hand mask “Skin youth and tenderness” with blue clay The mask based on blue clay and grape seed oil instantly softens and smoothes the hand skin. It provides light whitening effect, helps to restore dry skin. Blackberry leaf extract will give the tone to the skin cells, enhance the regeneration process. Macadamia oil rejuvenates and reduces wrinkles, leaving the skin soft and well-groomed. Step II: Hand cream-activator "Luxury care" with shea butter, jojoba and amaranth seed oils activates the revitalization process, eliminates dryness and peeling of the hand skin. Honeysuckle and noni fruit extracts contribute to the rapid renewal and healing of the skin, have an active anti-aging effect.
How to use: Apply the mask to clean hand skin and put on the cosmetic gloves (attached). After 15 min. take off the gloves and rinse the hands with warm water. Dry the skin with a towel. For better results, apply the required amount of cream-activator and gently massage until completely absorbed.

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